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MercuryGives Funding/Volunteer Request Site

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How to use this site

Enter the name of your NonProfit in the search box. If you don’t find your nonprofit, please create a new one by clicking on the New NonProfit button.
To request funding or volunteer support for your NonProfit, click on the name of the NonProfit to be taken to the request page.
NOTE: You need to enter all your information in the form before you click Submit as you will have no way to save it for later completion.
Below are key dates for our decision process. Please submit your request in the quarter in which you need the funds in order to increase your probability of approval.
Decisions will typically be made within two weeks of the deadline with checks to follow one week later. Note that volunteer requests can be made at any time and will be reviewed immediately.
  • Q1 Funding Request Deadline: Jan 15
  • Q2 Funding Request Deadline: Apr 15
  • Q3 Funding Request Deadline: Jul 15
  • Q4 Funding Request Deadline: Oct 15
  • If you need to update contact info for your NonProfit, or have any questions, please contact…


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